Actor, performance artist Shia LaBeouf has been arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. The actor was arrested back in 2014 for drunken behavior outside New York's Studio 54 where he spat on the arresting officers as well as shouting inappropriate slurs towards law enforcement. LaBeouf is gaining much more notoriety from brushes with the law than any of his acting lately, but this could all be a part of a performance piece where LaBeouf acts like a real-life alcoholic, we may never know for sure, but the performance "artist" has been released from jail on a $3,500 bond as of this writing.

Shia LaBeouf is currently in Savannah, Georgia where he is filming his next movie entitled Peanut Butter Falcon with Dakota Johnson and as TMZ reports, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. The incident began when LaBeouf asked someone for a cigarette and when the person said no, the actor began using foul language in front of women and children. The actor was reportedly asked to leave the scene by law enforcement, but he decided to continue his tirade and aim his rage towards the police officer.

LaBeouf then reportedly began to get aggressive towards the police officer, which one can imagine the officer probably did not enjoy. When the cop tried to arrest him, LaBeouf got the wise idea to finally flee the scene, but apparently the damage had already been done. The actor took off in a sprint to a nearby hotel where he was arrested in the lobby while he continued to be "unruly." There's no further information at this time, but he must have really needed that cigarette and was willing to pay $3,500 for a cigarette that he didn't even get to smoke.

Shia LaBeouf seems more like the guy that would be heavily into vaping, not into cigarettes. One can imagine him pulling on one of those phallic robotic cigarettes and releasing a giant plume of vapor to impress anybody willing to watch, but hey maybe smoking analog cigarettes is cool again. And again, we may never know what the brand of cigarette was that started this whole debacle, which is a shame. Maybe it was a clove or some kind of menthol deal or maybe it was just a boring ol' Marlboro Light? We'll have to wait for the police report to get the full details.

According to witnesses LaBeouf was seen eating dinner with co-star Dakota Johnson earlier in the evening before he went into full Frank "the Tank" mode on the residents of Savannah. Before the 2014 New York incident, LaBeouf was drunk out in front of a club in Sherman Oaks, California, which resulted in him getting punched in the face and later banned for life for urinating on the wall of a nearby restaurant (classic maneuver). The circus that is Shia LaBeouf's life keeps rolling into cities to party, leaving urine and vulgar language in his wake. All he wanted was a cigarette.