With the revelation that Michael Bay had already written an outline for Transformers 2, it should come as no surprise that Shia LaBeouf, his leading man, has already seen that draft. Empire Magazine spoke to Shia recently, and he promised that the new film would be even bigger and better than the first.

La Beouf said...

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I know of a few things I have to work on for the next one. I've seen pre-vizes of the action scenes and I just saw Michael yesterday. It's going to be bad-ass. We're not making another one unless it is, and Mike is definitely not resting on his laurels - he's doing insane shit again. And the pre-vizes that I've seen... it's just massive. If the first one was any indicator of how massive massive can be, this is going to blow that out of the water. It's insane. Mike's mind was just kind of made for this - it's amazing. There's going to be a lot more characterisation with the robots, which I'm excited about. I was a fan of Transformers before the movie came out. And there's going to be a lot of action...That goes unsaid, I guess.

Transformers 2 is supposed to begin shooting soon for a June 26, 2009 release date, which means that the script-writing team of Ehren Kruger, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman don't have a lot of time to translate Bay's outline into a workable script.

Although LaBeouf remained coy about specific details of the film, he did promise that we'd see new Autobots and Decepticons in the film. "There's gonna be new robots on both sides. I can say that the war isn't over..." LaBeouf said.

Transformers 2, directed by Michael Bay, stars Shia LaBeouf, and is scheduled for a June 26, 2009 release.