According to The Hollywood Reporter, with her first series, the medical drama Grey's Anatomy, sizzling in the ratings, Shonda Rhimes is taking on domestic journalism in a new one-hour hopeful for ABC and Touchstone TV targeted for midseason 2006-07.

The untitled project revolves around four female journalists from different media who travel the country. "It's going to be really sexy, and it's going to be fabulous," Rhimes said. As she did with Grey's, Rhimes said she is putting a human face on the drama of journalism and is taking a behind-the-scenes look at how a news story is put together and how friendships among journalists are formed. The show derives from a script Rhimes penned during the 2002-03 development season, in which the four characters were war correspondents. It was Rhimes' first stab at writing for television and her first partnership with producer Mark Gordon, who also exec produces Grey's.