Being a social media influencer isn't all fun and games as Mia quickly learns in the new Shudder thriller Shook. Available to stream right now, we have a special sneak peak at this harrowing edge-of-your-seat ride. Emily Goss leads an on-edge ensemble of young actors in writer-director Jennifer Harrington's look into the world of online fame and the dangers that come with it. Today, we have an exclusive clip that is sure to send shivers down your spine. It'll definitely cause you to shudder and leave you shook.

Daisye Tutor stars as Mia in Shook, a young woman who becomes the target of an online terror campaign. Our exclusive look at the movie has Mia trying to flee her house, but she is stopped in her tracks by a terrifying phone call. Caller unknown, Mia attempts to reach her car, but the mysterious entity on the other end of the line has her keys.

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It's 90 seconds of absolute panic that culminate with Mia getting a phone call from her friend Jade. Mia is instructed not to scream out to the neighbors, because it will mean certain death for the woman on the other end of the line. There are tears, there are whimpers, and there is 1 new incoming voice message. Should Mia listen in? You'll have to watch the rest of this terror-filled clip to find out the poor girl's fate.

What we do know is that if Mia screams, the man behind this madness kill everyone she knows. This sets up the main story, which finds Mia, a social media star, becoming the target of an online terror campaign. She has to solve a series of tests to prevent people she cares about from getting murdered. But is it real? Or is it just a game at her expense? This teaser sets up the terror that will continue once you start streaming the movie on Shudder right now.

Written and directed by Jennifer Harrington the movie stars Daisye Tutor (Guest House) alongside Emily Goss (Snapshots), Nicola Posener (The Bold and the Beautiful), Octavius J. Johnson (Sleepless), Stephanie Simbari (Here and Now), Grant Rosenmeyer (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and real-life make-up and social media influencer Genelle Seldon.

Shook is produced by Tara L. Craig with music by celebrated electronic artist and Italians Do It Better label owner Johnny Jewel and tracks from his cult hit bands Chromatics, Symmetry, and Glass Candy.

Jennifer Harrington got her start in Hollywood as an editor. She made her directorial debut in 2015 with the thriller Housekeeping after directing a number of shorts. Shook arrives as her second feature film as a director, and it puts the filmmaker on the map as an up and coming horror auteur to watch. Star Daisye Tutor has been gaining traction in Hollywood, appearing in the 2018 comedy drama Funny Story. She also appeared un-credited in The Thinning: New World Order that same year, appearing opposite notorious Youtuber Logan Paul.

Shook is now streaming on Shudder. If you don't have the app yet, you can watch Shook with a free trial just by signing up and logging on. Horror fans are loving Shook, and as you can see by our exclusive clip, it may just snatch your breath away, leaving you unable to flee or scream from help. That's not a threat.