I visited with director Michael Davis today at his editing suite in Burbank. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his bullet ballet entitled Shoot 'Em Up. I have to tell you, the clips I saw were down right crazy. These were some of the nuttiest action sequences I've ever seen put to film. A baby gets its umbilical cord shot off. A guy gets a carrot through the throat. And one of the main through lines involves a lactating hooker. The director claims that the movie has a lot in common with the Looney Tunes, and I would support that. I personally can't wait to see the whole thing. It looks awesome.

Even though the film isn't scheduled to see the light of day until September 7th, Davis already has a couple of sequels in the works.

Does that mean they'll get made? He can't confirm that, but he did say that star Clive Owen was more than game to come back. The future sequels wouldn't necessarily have anything to do with the current version of the film. As Shoot 'Em Up is an ode to Sergio Leone and John Woo, Davis plans on making the sequels more akin to the way Leone did his A Fistful of Dollars trilogy. They would all have the same characters, but in different situations and periods of time.

Davis and crew will be bringing the film to this year's Comic Con. It has not been decided yet if everyone gets to see the finished product, or if just the press well. Trust me, if you plan on being in San Diego, and you can get a screening pass to this flick, don't pass it up. It's definitely one of the films you are going to want to see while you are there.