DVD buyers and renters love Mark Wahlberg!

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Home Entertainment saw their film Shooter take the top positions on both Nielsen VideoScan's First Alert Top 10 and Home Media Magazine's video rental chart.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment saw Bridge to Terabithia come in at No. 2 in sales, while Fox Home Entertainment's Night at the Museum came in at No. 3. Sony Pictures' Ghost Rider held tough at No. 4.

Lionsgate was all smiles as Pride took the No. 5 spot. Paramount watched Black Snake Moan slither into the No. 6 spot. Dead Silence took over in the No. 7 position, and Buena Vista appeared again with Hannah Montana: Pop Star Profile at No. 8.

Black Snake Moan was No. 2 in rentals while Ghost Rider came in at No. 3.

Lastly, Black Snake Moan was the No. 1 high-definition release (it is available on both HD-DVD and Blu-ray). The top selling Blu-ray disc was Ghost Rider and Planet Earth: The Complete Collection continued it's reign at No. 1 on the HD-DVD chart.

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