He's a man on the run, accused of an assassination plot on the president. But, he's been framed by the government. That's what faces Bob Lee Swagger in the new action/thriller, Shooter. Mark Wahlberg stars as Swagger in the flick, based on the Stephen Hunter book series.

This is the kind of movie I love! And not only that, I know my dad would like it too - and he's 60 years old! Basically, this is a film that spans all generations of fans; it doesn't matter how old you are. Knowing Stephen Hunter from working in Baltimore, I couldn't wait to see how one of his books looked on the big screen. I'll tell you, Mark Wahlberg can play any type of character and nail it perfectly!

And then you have Antoine Fuqua's vision coming into play!! Two perfectionists who got it right on!! For one 3-minute scene, Fuqua shot all around Baltimore - on the first cold and rainy day the city had in weeks; that didn't stop him from getting that shot. In fact, that's what makes the film even better; he didn't need to be in Baltimore, but just for clarity, they shot there.

Bob Lee Swagger is one of those characters you can relate to - in one way or another; at one point in your life, you've wanted to seek revenge on someone and he gets to live out that fantasy for you. Plus, the action scenes rock! It's only fitting that you have your lead character running through multiple rounds of bullets and he never gets shot; that's the kind of sh*t I love!! In fact, the only time he did get shot was from 5 feet away (and the idiot didn't kill him). Also, what I thought was cool is the first-person POV through the gun, every time you see from inside the view finder.

The supporting cast stepped up as well in this; Danny Glover was down right nasty in this, and completely unexpected!! Who would think one of the nicest guys in Hollywood would play such an ass, and pull it off. And then you throw in Ned Beatty, classic!! And Kate Mara is sure making a career for herself; she plays the wife of Swagger's former partner. I had the chance to speak with producer Lorenzo di Boneventura about the film, and told him 'you actually care about her and what's going to happen to her' - and that's been a rare commodity recently with female roles (at least in my opinion). Plus, she's hot as hell, and that doesn't hurt either!! And as a side note, it's amazing she comes from two of the biggest families in the NFL and doesn't show it off. And one last thought - you know Lorenzo di Boneraventura is not going to make a bad film; whatever he attaches his name to seems to be good.

Shooter is one of those movies you just go and sit in the theater for 90 minutes and forget all your troubles!

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