While more often than not, most biopics are usually reserved for popular musicians and Apple Computer CEOs. But the upcoming dramatic comedy Shooting Clerks revolves around indie director-turned-cult icon Kevin Smith. The story follows a young Kevin as he sets out to raise $27,000 to make his black and white comedy Clerks, which went onto become a surprise hit way back in 1994. The new film was written and directed by Christopher Downie, with the full cooperation of Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith actually appears in the film, as do other Clerks participants such as Jason Mewes and Brian O'Halloran. The film hit IndieGoGo last year to raise money for production and now we have a first look with a teaser trailer. As for the story, no synopsis has been released, but we imagine it tracks Smith's efforts to get the movie off the ground, along with a look at what was happening in his life at the time. It is billed as the true life story of how a convenience store clerk made a seminal feature film and the people who aided him in his indie crusade.

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No official release date for Shooting Clerks has been announced. This will serve as Kevin Smith's own origin story. The trailer recaptures some of the 1990s New Jersey magic that made the original film so special. You can check it out, along with a first teaser poster here:

Shooting Clerks Poster