Our buddy Robert over at IESB is reporting that Warner Brothers has delayed the start date of the upcoming mega-hero epic Justice League of America. In fact, he says the project might even get shut down.

Despite the fact that artists, set designers and other crew members were hard at work on the preproduction of the film, a studio source close to IESB has stated, "Justice League of America is indeed in danger of not starting production on time and may be even getting scrapped altogether. The concerns are that the script is not ready to go in front of cameras, and also that the budget is getting a bit out of control, the WGA strike has proven to be Kryptonite to Superman and friends."

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Robert says that the cast is indeed locked, but that Warner Brothers has had to extend their holds. One of Robert's spies explains, "Justice League has been pushed back to at least April or May and possibly a start date as late as June or July...that is of course if the movie doesn't get scrapped altogether."