Could the Superrelease be the way to go for studios?

In a story from Variety, a study from the scholars at London's Cass Business School, "the Bauhaus-University of Weimar (Germany) and the Universities of Hamburg (Germany) and Missouri-Columbia (U.S.)," it seems that studios might be able to raise "their U.S. distribution revenues by 16% if they released their movies simultaneously in cinemas, on DVD rental and video-on-demand."

This study also said that "similar gains" could be achieved "for the U.S. studios in Germany and Japan."

Sadly, movie theaters and DVD rental stores would have to take somewhat of a financial hit.

The study therefore "suggests a compromise model for the U.S. and Germany, giving the U.S. studios a smaller gain, but ensuring none of the other participants would lose out." None of these participants except Japan, however. No compromise was able to be worked out for them.

This study looked how money was made "across cinemas, DVD retail, DVD rental and video-on-demand" only.

Lastly, it seems that the "major studios can achieve the greatest boost to their revenues from U.S. distribution by releasing to DVD rental and VOD at the same time as theatrical, with DVD retail following three months later."

The effect this would have on movie theaters would be "a 40.1% collapse in" the amount of money they bring in. On the DVD rental side, things would drop 14.9%, "although DVD retailer revenues would surge by 49.6%."