Late last Thursday evening, B. Alan Orange, who often writes scoops and news stories for the site, blew it in a major way by offering up two huge spoilers for both /the-dark-knight-rises-story-details-reveal-catwoman-kidnaps-bruce-wayne/The Dark Knight Rises and /red-skull-revealed-as-secret-villain-in-marvels-the-avengers/Marvel's the Avengers.

Offering spoilers on the site is nothing new. What caused such outrage was Brad's poor decision to give away these crucial plot points in the headline, where they were unavoidable. Especially for anyone reading Twitter or Facebook. There has been a loud outcry for justice. People are threatening to go to another site for their movie news. And we're not sure what to do with this guy.

Just check out these comments from our readers.

Andrew had this to say:

"I just wanted to tell you that you should probably be more careful about spoilers in news article titles. I am having to stop visiting this website and get my movie news from another website because too often an element of an upcoming movie is spoiled for me...You should consider article titles that censor major spoilers, that way those who want to know can click on the article. I know I would not have clicked on articles revealing "secret villains" or "story details" for movies I am greatly looking forward to. I'm sure many other movie fans feel the same way. Thank you for your time, and I hope you keep my suggestion in mind."

Chris was so angry, he could only respond in all caps:

"PLEASE!!!! STOP POSTING SPOILERS!!!! AS HEADLINES!!!YOU MAY WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN A MOVIE BEFORE YOU SEE IT...HOWEVER, YOUR FANS AND FOLLOWERS DO NOT!!!!READ THE FEEDBACK!!!PLEASE STOP RUINING MOVIES FOR PEOPLE 7 MONTHS BEFORE THEY HIT THEATERS!!!!THAT'S LIKE 4 SPOILERS IN 2 DAYS!!!YOU SUCK.PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR FANS & FOLLOWERS ARE SAYING!!!You are losing them @ a very fast rate doing this.Here's an idea... Read the feedback on your page and see what people are saying instead of pissing more of us off by posting major SPOILERS & SECRETS as headlines on your page and or...newsfeed on facebook!!"

Then, just take a look at the outrage on Facebook:

B. Alan Orange gets the boot!
B. Alan Orange gets the boot!

So we are asking you, our beloved readers...What should become of B. Alan Orange? Should we fire him? Or should we keep him around (he has been here since 2001, this is his ten year anniversary with the site)? Please fill our comment box below with what you feel we should do to Mr. Orange for ruining two big summer movies seven months away from release. And don't hold back. Its a New Year!

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.