Thanks to Dark Horizons, a summary of the final reels shown at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas this last week is now online...

The Day After Tomorrow

An extended ten minute trailer showed us a good glimpse at many of the film's big action sequences including multiple tornadoes ripping through Los Angeles, giant waves surging through the streets of New York, and the breaking off of an Arctic Ice Shelf whilst scientists are working on it drilling ice core samples. The rest were just different or extended cuts of shots from the full trailer. All three FX disaster sequences are spectacular, whether the rest of the film will be - here's hoping.

Alien vs. Predator

Heaps of new footage appeared in this extended 4-5 minute trailer complete with lots of action shots, FX footage and an explanation about how the scenario of the movie is setup. The money shot at the end (an ancient temple with three predators on top and hundreds of aliens crawling up it) is sweet, as is some of the new Predator gear and the temple sets. Extremely quick cut, this looks a lot like what'll be used as the basis for the final trailer.

Dodgeball: The Movie

Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller did a fun piece of schtick then presented a trailer for the comedy in which Stiller plays the muscled and mustached owner of an elaborate corporate gym trying to shut down a smaller 'backyard' gym where Vince Vaughn works out. Quite funny overall, lots of people getting hit by things (mostly Justin Long) and gags from a speedo-clad car wash scene gone awry to a joke about no panties you just have to see.

I, Robot

The last flick on the line-up was again an extended trailer look at the Alex Proyas sci-fi story. Whilst the current trailer out in theatres feels wrong in tone, this clip was much better with lots more looks at scenes involving what is essentially a robot insurrection/takeover and a clearer idea of the plot and threat - seems there's one robot for every five humans, and many scenes which look like people in their homes being attacked by the haywire automotons. Will Smith himself was also on hand going on about how proud he was of the flick.