Shrek had its release in theaters in the United States on this day in 2001, and fans are celebrating the 20th anniversary with a challenge to draw the titular ogre from memory. Last month, the hit animated movie returned to theaters in recognition of its big anniversary. The festivities have continued with the challenge on Twitter to draw the character, and the results are very mixed but all rather amazing.

Recognizing 20 years of Shrek, @Brainmage on Twitter first posted a bizarre drawing of Shrek with his pal Donkey beside him. Encouraging others to draw Shrek as they remember him from memory, Brainmage writes: "It looks like Shrek discourse is happening, so it's time for my favourite thing: DRAW SHREK FROM MEMORY. Can draw? Good! Can't draw? EVEN BETTER!! Don't you DARE look at a Shrek beforehand. Draw him! Post him! Cram the picture with half remembered details!"

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As you could expect, the results of the Draw Shrek From Memory Challenge are very mixed. One person's drawing feels more like The Mandalorian than Shrek with the artist tweeting, "Apparently this is the new version of adult Shrek & my daughter thinks I drew baby yoda. Please don't mind the ear."

"My girlfriend's attempt. She's never watched any of the movies," another tweet reads, including a simple drawing of the ogre.

This one is described by the artist as "an abomination in the eyes of gods and men." It's not hard to argue with the description when you see the drawing.

Another submission from Ewallaert Drerries doesn't exactly look like Shrek, but it's a pretty good drawing nonetheless.

Including artwork of a cross-eyed Shrek, another tweet reads: "Happy 20th birthday, Shrek."

Shrek can be seen popping out of the outhouse in another piece of art that appears to be drawn with a painting app or computer program.

"I think I made him too handsome," writes another artist, whose version of the iconic ogre is rather easy on the eyes.

Artist @SylviaFysica put him in a bubble bath to end at the waistline, also including various notes taken throughout the course of the drawing. In the caption of the tweet, Sylvia writes: "Had to try. Started with the nose and it went downhill from there."

And @amenakamel on Twitter even posted a timelapse video of her digital doodle of Shrek coming to life.

A spoof of classic fairy tales, Shrek follows an ogre whose swamp is overrun by banished fairy tale creatures. It stars Mike Myers as the voice of Shrek with Eddie Murphy co-starring as the voice of his best pal Donkey. Cameron Diaz also starred as the princess Fiona with John Lithgow playing the villain, Lord Farquaad. The hit movie would spawn three sequels, and the franchise continues to live on through the Puss in Boots spinoff movie series. A sequel, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, is currently in development for a 2022 release.

There's plenty more of the amusing artwork to see on Twitter with Shrek fans drawing the character from memory in honor of the 20th anniversary. If you want to see more submissions, or even submit your own Shrek artwork, just hop on Twitter and use the hashtag #DrawShrekFromMemory.