Shrek 2: According to The Hollywood Reporter, when DreamWorks released Shrek on video three years ago, Hollywood was abuzz about the fact that the upstart studio -- famously co-founded by former top Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg -- put its date right on top of the Disney/Pixar theatrical release of Monsters, Inc. But last week, when DreamWorks unveiled its Friday, Nov. 5, Shrek 2 video release date -- which just happens to be the same date Disney/Pixar will release The Incredibles theatrically -- the announcement barely made a ripple.

Perhaps it's because DreamWorks isn't the new kid on the block anymore, and the Katzenberg-Disney fallout has become old news. In the end, the "Shrek"/"Monsters" showdown didn't result in any lost revenue for either, as will likely be the case again.

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Kelly Avery, head of worldwide home entertainment at DreamWorks, says the studio is simply looking to emulate success. "We've had this date locked for over a year," Avery said. "We're anniversary-ing our 'Shrek' date. She added that the Tuesday before the release is Election Day, "and you can't do business then."