Shrek 3 and Spider-man 3:Dark Horizons had some readers submitting plot outlines for 2 very aniticipated sequels, which apparently came from high-up sources at DreamWorks and Sony...

'The Joe Man' was busy on the weekend chatting with family when one of them happened to be a Dreamworks insider with some pertinent gossip about what we might expect in a third "Shrek":
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"Screenwriter Jon Zack ("Out Cold", "Perfect Score") has apparently landed the job of writing Shrek 3. Shrek and Fiona are King and Queen now and they hate it so Fiona tries to get friend Arty (aka. King Arthur) to do so but he's still in college. From what he tells me Arthur, Gwenivere and Lancelot are supposed to be portrayed as a couple of jocks and a cheerleader and they have to find the holy grail for some rather odd reason"

Meanwhile 'Cam' drops in this report which gives us an idea that no matter what main villain they go with in the third "Spider-Man" movie, the second one at least sets up who'll also be flying around in the 2007 release.

On Spider-man 3...

"The graphic novel for Spiderman 2 is in stores. Not able to help myself, I flipped to the back of the book to see if the ending I had envisioned to happen was true, and low and behold, it was. Before Peter Parker and Mary Jane finish up there story, we get a scene with Harry going mental in his fathers office with the Peter Parker/Spiderman problem. He ends up tossing a brandy glass into the same mirror Norman was looking into in the first movie, shatters it, and finds his fathers goblin outfit, the glider, and some weaponry. He also hears his fathers voice speak to him in his head, telling to get revenge for his death. I believe the seen ends with Harry picking up the mask and starting too laugh "an all to familiar laugh". Thus with this setup, even if they go ahead with the John Jameson/Venon story, chances are you will see Harry Osborne donning the suit, becoming either the Green or Hobgoblin in the third movie".
Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.