In this adult fairy tale, Shrek (Mike Myers) is an ogre who lives in a swamp that he calls home and isolates himself from everyone. Suddenly his home is shattered by an invasion of fairy talel characters that have been kicked out of their land by Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow). Shrek makes a deal with the Lord to slay a dragon and rescue one beautiful princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) from a dragon with a nasty temper in return for his land back. He soon embarks on a journey with his new donkey pal (Eddie Murphy). Along the way, Shrek learns about friendship and falls in love with the princess.

The film is extremely funny and although it is criticized by many for having too much grown-up humor in it, this film does deal with those jokes with class and creativity. This film appears to be targeting young audience, however it is more of a film for older viewers. Although, Shrek can easily be viewed by the entire family. Children would not understand the subtext, and adults will get the inside jokes.

In terms of the cast, you could not ask for a greater team. Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy certainly steal the show. The donkey (Murphy) is simply irresistible with his charming ways and talkative humor.

The film is entirely CGI animation, but many of the scenes look so much like live action, that it is actually quite terrifying. And not only can the audience enjoy great animated views, but they also get a chance to experience wonderful music (the soundtrack is excellent). Pretty much every single song is likable.

Shrek is certainly one of the funniest, if not the best films of this year. This movie is charming, funny, entertaining and ensures a good time.

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