The Weekend Box Office

1) Shrek the Third $122 million

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2) Spider-Man 3 $28 million

3) 28 Weeks Later $5.1 million

4) Disturbia $3.6 million

5) Georgia Rule $3.4 million

6) Fracture $2.3 million

7) Delta Farce $1.8 million

8) The Invisible $1.3 million

9) Hot Fuzz $1.2 million

10) Waitress $1.1 million

Even though the critics weren't kind, Shrek the Third dominated the box office this weekend. According to Variety, The green Ogre racked in an astonishing $122 million take, making it the biggest animated opening in the history of the medium. It also happened to be the third biggest opening in history, period. I guess America just can't get enough of Puss and Donkey.

This has truly become the summer of the Sequel. Just in the past two weeks, Spider-Man 3 has demolished every box office record known to mankind. It didn't fair too poorly this weekend, either, culling a nifty $28 million for second place. That brings its overall haul to $282 million. Not too shabby for a film that has also been unmercifully picked on by the critics.

The rest of this weekend's box office contenders couldn't muster up too much enthusiasm. In its second week in release, the zombie sequel 28 Weeks Later took in a paltry $5.1 million. But that was cheesecake compared to the lowest weekend box office number to date for Disturbia. Bringing in $3.6 million for a fourth place spot, the film is defiantly a hit and holding strong. We may see it lingering around the top ten until the end of June. Its total gross to date is $71 million. It may take another couple of weekends before it hits that coveted $100 million mark, but it's chugging along.

Georgia Rule was nipping at Disturbia's heels, coming in with a close $3.4 million take. I guess people just aren't too thrilled about seeing Lindsay Lohan in the nude. Just kidding, I'm trying to help out its numbers for next week.

The rest of the top five is pretty week. Adrienne Shelly's Waitress managed to barely squeak into the number ten spot, which came as a fitting tribute for the late director and her work. The film saw a pretty good $1.1 million. And Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz also managed to hold ground for at least one more week, bringing in $1.2 million to hit that sweet number nine spot. That brings its estimated total to $21 million.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End opens next week. I'm sure we will see even more records broken. I know I'm going to be broke if I have to keep shelling out $15 dollars every single weekend to keep up with all of these guys.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange