If you're a horror fan looking for something to do while spending the next month at home, the streaming service Shudder has you covered. While so many of us miss Blockbuster and other video stores from years past, modern streaming services are more beneficial than ever with the ability to bring quality movies and television shows directly into your home on demand. Horror fans in particular ought to love Shudder, as the streaming service provides both classic horror content along with original movies and shows to really satisfy fans of the genre.

As we all know, most of us need to be spending at least the next month leaving our homes as little as possible to help avoid the spread of the contagious coronavirus. Many companies are doing their part to help alleviate the boredom felt by people who aren't used to staying inside so much, including Disney releasing Frozen 2 to Disney+ early and Universal bringing some of their theatrical releases straight to VOD. For the horror lovers, Shudder is chipping in my offering a 30-day free trial code for the streaming service, giving everybody four whole weeks to binge their horror library without losing a single cent. As revealed in a tweet from Shudder, all it takes is using the promo code SHUTIN at sign-up.

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Shudder offers plenty of original streaming content for horror fans to check out, with Greg Nicotero's Creepshow TV series adaptation among the most notable of them all. Premiering on the service last year, the anthology series tells two separate horror stories with each episode, bringing in excellent guest stars like Giancarlo Esposito, Tobin Bell, Adrienne Barbeau, David Arquette, Tricia Helfer, and Dana Gould. Fans of Joe Bob Briggs should also enjoy his new horror specials exclusive to Shudder, with Joe Bob presenting some of his horror favorites similar to how he used to do in years past on TNT's MonsterVision.

Of course, you can also look forward to binging many other notable horror shows and movies on the service. This includes the horror series Channel Zero, which aired for four seasons on Syfy, and the horror docu-series Eli Roth's History of Horror. For anyone who hasn't yet seen Mayhem with The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving, that spectacularly awesome movie can be seen on Shudder as well. From George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead to the 2019 indie slasher flick The Ranger, there's something for every kind of horror fan on Shudder.

If you enjoy your time with Shudder, you may want to consider subscribing monthly to the service to keep the horror binging going. Plans start at just $4.75 per month, which is much more affordable than many other streaming services. Still, even if you plan to cancel before the trial ends, now is probably a better time than ever to finally give Shudder a try if you never have before. If nothing else, I highly recommend you check out their Creepshow series. You can sign up for the streaming service by heading on over to the official Shudder streaming app and using the promo code SHUTIN during the sign-up process.

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