Fresh off his critically-acclaimed performance in Room, nine-year-old Jacob Tremblay teams up with Naomi Watts in the first trailer for the upcoming thriller Shut In. Horror fans who have been obsessed with Stranger Things as of late will also notice that Charlie Heaton, who played the mild-mannered Jonathan Byers on that Netflix series, also stars as the son of Naomi Watts' Mary, who has been left in a catatonic state after a tragic accident that claimed the life of her husband. This new trailer reveals that Mary's life is about to be turned upside down again after she takes in a young client.

The story is set in rural New England, where Naomi Watts' Mary balances her work as a child psychologist with taking care of her son, who can't move or speak since the accident. She takes in a troubled young boy as her foster son, who gets caught in a nasty winter storm and is thought to be dead. Although Mary believes otherwise, as she becomes terrorized by this young boy. Here's what director Farren Blackburn had to say about this story, in an interview with USA Today.

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"All is not what it seems. Mary is convinced Tom is dead and haunting her, she can hear him in the walls of her house."

Nine-year-old Jacob Tremblay, who won critical acclaim for portraying Oscar winner Brie Larson's son in Best Picture nominee Room, filmed his role for Shut In just after wrapping on Room. He also starred in this spring's Before I Wake and guest starred as a younger version of Will Forte's Tandy on Fox's The Last Man on Earth. In Shut In, though, Jacob Tremblay plays a much darker character.

"Tom's a dark character. Not Batman dark. But he's scared, has rings under his eyes and looks creepy."

The supporting cast includes Oliver Platt, David Cubitt, Clemetine Poidatz, Crystal Balint, Tim Post, Ellen David and Alex Braunstein. EuropaCorp has issued a November 11 release date for this terrifying thriller, which puts it up against Universal's comedy Almost Christmas, Paramount's sci-fi thriller Arrival and Sony's drama Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. The movie will also open one week after Marvel's highly-anticipated Doctor Strange.

Farren Blackburn (Hammer of the Gods) directs from a script by Christina Hodson, which landed on the 2012 Black List and marks her feature writing debut. While this project only marks his second feature, Farren Blackburn has also directed episodes of hit TV shows like Daredevil, Doctor Who and The Musketeers. Along with the first trailer, we also have the poster and new photos which you can check out below.

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