Michael Moore decided to contend with video pirates the only way he knew how. He opened his new documentary Sicko a week early. According to Variety, the film took in a nice little sum of $70,000 on just one screen over the weekend.

The earnings didn't toss it into the top ten by any means, but the film's debut was a success. It sold out every single one of its shows at the Upper West Side AMC/Loews, where it premiered on a single screen.

Filmgoers eager to get a look at the film were turned away in droves. There were scalpers on the street corner. And Moore himself even made an unscheduled appearance at the theater.

Sicko will open next week in 300-400 locations. Harvey Weinstein plans on taking a cue from Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, which kept the issue of global warming alive throughout its platform run. Expect to hear a lot about Health Care this summer in relation to this new film.

Weinstein stated, "I certainly did not expect sellouts in places like Randolph, Mass., and Buffalo, N.Y. We had audiences all laughing together when Michael goes to Cuba. It's great when you get a reaction like that."

Sicko opens wide on June 29th, 2007.