Jude Law's missus shows she's more than a pretty face

Sienna Miller has become tabloid fodder in recent months over her relationship with Jude Law. His philandering ways has put her in the public spotlight and she clearly tries to put up a brave face. Casanova is her first starring role after bit parts in smaller films. She pulls it off, but will not easily live her public persona as ‘Jude Law's girfriend' down. Her next role as Andy Warhol's drug-addicted muse, Edie Sedgewick, should put a brighter spotlight on her acting ability.

You wear quite a few elaborate costumes in the film. They looked pretty, but uncomfortable.

Sienna Miller: Great cleavage, but it's like having your organs crushed. I imagine it could be worse with high heels, but I'm a comfy girl really, I don't wear them too much.

How was it working with Heath Ledger?

Sienna Miller: It was great, most men would have had to be in the forefront, but he sat back and let it be an ensemble piece which is rare. He really took care of me like a big brother. He's so generous, and knew I must be nervous because it was such a big role.

Your character fights for women's rights. What makes you feel empowered as a woman?

Sienna Miller: Being able to hold your own in an intellectual conversation, feeling like you don't need a man to complete you. Feeling independent, and feeling good within yourself.

Is that harder with all the media hype surrounding you?

Sienna Miller: No, I feel I've overcome that and feel more powerful in my life. I can't help how people treat me.

So how do you stay grounded with all the attention?

Sienna Miller: I just surround myself with family and friends. I still have the friends I've had since I was three. I do very normal things. I have dogs. I don't lead a particularly exciting life away from work or go to celebrity parties. I don't really court that. I accept it as part of my public life and hope it will be less prevalent than it has been this year. I feel I'm content and happy.

Are there any similarities between yourself and the character?

Sienna Miller: I think deep down I'm easier than she is, she's more resilient in what she wants. There are male Casanovas everywhere. I know what I like. I like someone that makes me laugh. Oliver Platt is so good, he runs away with the film.

This is your first starring role. Can you see yourself doing support roles again?

Sienna Miller: I don't have a strategy or a game plan, if I did, it failed. I'd love to do support roles, leading roles, any kind that the character is unusual; just to be able to do good work, to get better, and be able to work with great people.

How do you feel about your glamorous role as a celebrity?

Sienna Miller: It's not about being a star. I just love what I do because I'm fascinated with people, more than celebrity. I like studying people because then you understand them better. I just did a play on the West End that was about experiences and travelling and people. I don't just want to be "the girl."

Do you think all the media speculation about your life has helped make you famous?

Sienna Miller: I don't read it, so I don't know, but I think it might have done wonders for my career, but to be perfectly honest, people said that about my relationship with Jude (Law) from the start, that I got this part and "Factory Girl," after everything happened, but that's not the case. I went and did a play, to make it happen. I could have waited. I don't know if it helped my career, if that's the case I could have waited and let my career go on gradually. You know, everything happens for a reason.

Do you try to create an image?

Sienna Miller: I don't try to project any kind of public persona. If I try to calculate, than it all starts going wrong in my head. I lead a very boring life. If I started to dress for anyone else, or trim myself today it would just screw my head up.

Did you always want to be an actress?

Sienna Miller: Yes, I did, but I don't know why. My mother went into labor during "The Nutcracker Suite." I was brought up in a crazy environment. It was normal to see people dressed up in fun clothes running around the stage and I thought that would be a fun job. I trained here [New York City] at the Lee Strasberg Institute.

What are you working on next?

Sienna Miller: The Edie Sedgwick "Factory Girl," the Andy Warhol piece and just trying to focus on that. She was a very destructive drug addict. She had a fascinating life, but she was a tortured soul. I've been hanging out with people from the Factory, who are still alive. They are incredible characters.

Casanova comes to limited theaters December 25th, 2005 with a wide release: January 6, 2006.