Factory Girl: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sienna Miller is in discussions to play Edie Sedgwick, a '60s icon and one of Andy Warhol's muses, in the indie feature Factory Girl, which George Hickenlooper is directing.

The film revolves around an unconventional love triangle of sorts that developed among Sedgwick, Bob Dylan and Warhol. Sedgwick played a key role in Andy Warhol's Factory, an art studio/crash pad that became a home for Warhol's collection of self-proclaimed superstars. She became an underground film star, starring in several Warhol films, including Vinyl, Space, Chelsea Girls and Ciao Manhattan. At least two of Dylan's songs are believed to have been written about her.

Miller is filming Casanova, in which she stars opposite Heath Ledger. She recently completed Alfie and Layer Cake. Hickenlooper's recent credits include the documentary "The Mayor of Sunset Strip" and the drama "The Man From Elysian Fields."