Alien 5: In a recent interview with The Chicago Sun Times, Sigorney Weaver talked briefly about the rumors of a 5th installment in the Alien series:

As for any rumors of another "Alien" film, she admits, "[Director] Ridley Scott and I have talked about it a couple of times. He has some ideas. If we developed a good script, I'd love to play Ripley again. I've always felt so grateful to Ridley Scott because he gave me my first job. In fact, the first few weeks of "Alien,' I was so green that Ridley would say, 'Don't look at the camera.' And I'd say, 'How can I not look at it. It's right in front of my face all the time!' "

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Ask her about plot ideas for a new "Aliens," Weaver says, "The only thing I'm not interested in is going to earth. I saw that 'Star Trek' movie where they went to Earth and ... yawn. I think it's more fun to go to a foreign planet--especially now. Who wants to come to Earth now? Let's go far, far away! Fantasy is what we need!"

Alien: In other Alien news, is reporting that 20th Century Fox will be re-releasing Alien in theaters for the film's 25th Anniversary! Here's what Filmjerkhad to say:

Although the film will not celebrate the 25th Anniversary of its release until May 25, 2004, Fox has scheduled a wide reissue of the film for Halloween, October 31. No word yet on whether director Ridley Scott will be reincorporating deleted footage or not.

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