A few weeks back, we showed you the poster and photos from the Silent Night remake, directed by Steven C. Miller (The Aggression Scale). Today, the first trailer has surfaced from this horror remake. Malcolm McDowell and Jaime King star as a sheriff and deputy in a sleepy Midwestern town, who discover that a man in a Santa suit is murdering residents on Christmas Eve. Take a look at the first footage, also starring Donal Logue, Ellen Wong, Lisa Marie, and Brendan Fehr.

In 1984, the slasher classic Silent Night, Deadly Night stunned audiences, was banned across America, and remains the most notorious Christmas movie in history. Now, Santa is back, and he's got a brand new bag of tricks. As their small Midwestern town prepares for its annual Christmas Eve parade, Sheriff (Malcolm McDowell) and his deputy (Jaime King) discover that a maniac in a Santa suit is murdering those he judges as "naughty." Their sins? Porn, adultery, greed... And he will make sure they rest in heavenly pieces. Donal Logue, Ellen Wong, Lisa Marie, and Brendan Fehr co-star in this brutal and darkly humorous tale of Christmas gone bad.

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