Cesar Gonzalez Barron, aka Silver King has passed away. He was 51-years old. He was a professional wrestler and appeared with Jack Black in the 2006 movie Nacho Libre as the villainous Ramses. Barron reportedly died of a sudden heart attack while fighting in the ring for the Greatest Show of Lucha Libre event over the weekend. He collapsed on the canvas after getting repeatedly slammed into it, but the audience all believed it was a part of the show for quite a while.

The crowd started to boo at the Greatest Show of Lucha Libre event in London when Cesar Gonzalez Barron didn't get up. The ref counted him out while his opponent, Juventud Guerrera, pretended to protest Barron's defeated act. However, medics were soon brought out when they realized something was wrong. A member of the audience had this to say.

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"It seemed to be part of the show at first but then he didn't get up - and then the medical team was on the stage. Everybody was cleared out.

Cesar Gonzalez Barron was pronounced dead at the scene and authorities say the death is "non-suspicious." An autopsy will provide further information about how Barron died in the ring. While Barron is best-known as the Silver King, he was also known as Black Tiger III. He was the son of famous luchador Dr. Wagner and the brother of Dr. Wagner Jr. Barron worked for many years with El Texano as the tag team Los Cowboys from 1990 to 1998. The two ended up winning championships in Japan and Mexico during their eight years together. Both Barron and his brother began wrestling at an early age due to their father's involvement.

While Cesar Gonzalez Barron was already a major worldwide wrestling star, he received a role as the villain Ramses in Jack Black's 2006 comedy Nacho Libre. In the movie, Barron wore a gold suit and mask, which he even wore in the ring more than once during some of his real matches. Barron was reprising the villainous role of Ramses for the event over the weekend where he passed away. Black posted a tribute to Barron on social media. He had this to say.

"César González... vaya con dios, hermano"

The wrestling world is now mourning the loss of Cesar Gonzalez Barron. By the time of Nacho Libre's release in 2006, Lucha Libre wrestling was "considered kitsch by some, a unique cultural phenomenon by others." The movie and Barron's performance helped to bring the events into a larger cultural arena. While his death is considered to be "non-suspicious," authorities are still conducting an investigation and are looking at footage from the Greatest Show of Lucha Libre event. This news was first reported by CNN. You can check out some tributes to the late Cesar Gonzalez Barron below. Rest In Peace, Cesar Gonzalez Barron, aka Silver King.

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César González...vaya con dios, hermano ????

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