Things will never be the same after June 19.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment celebrates the 25th anniversary of one of the most popular sitcoms of the '80s with the June 19 DVD debut of Silver Spoons: The Complete First Season. Starring Ricky Schroder (The Champ), Joel Higgins (TV's Bare Essence), and Erin Gray (TV's Buck Rogers in the 25th Century), the DVD includes all 22 episodes in a three-disc boxed set. The DVD will be available for $29.95 SRP.

When Silver Spoons began its five-season, 115-episode run for NBC on September 25, 1982, the show turned 12-year-old, Golden Globe®-winner Ricky Schroder into an instant teen heartthrob. With his blond, clean-cut, all-American good looks, Schroder dominated the pages of teen magazines in the early-to-mid '80s, won two Young Artist Awards as best actor for the series, and inspired a devoted fan base that continues to support his acting career into adulthood (TV's NYPD Blue, 24).

The series depicted every kid's wildest fantasy. When Ricky Stratton (Schroder) is reunited with his long-lost father Edward (Higgins), Dad turns out to be a young-at-heart, "overgrown kid" who owns a multinational toy company empire and has turned his mansion into a veritable playground complete with a scale model freight train that runs throughout the house. The role reversal inherent in the show found Ricky more mature than his father, but under Ricky's influence, Edward eventually matures, while Edward inspires Ricky to act more like a kid.

The storylines of Silver Spoons were mainly light situations regarding classic boyhood mischief and the misunderstandings surrounding a father and son getting to know one another. However, in periodic "very special episodes" during the first season, the series dealt with tougher issues including schoolyard bullies and kidnapped children. Guest stars included Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct), Mr. T (Rocky III), Joseph Lawrence (AKA Joey, TV's Dancing with the Stars), Gary Coleman (TV's Diff'rent Strokes), and, in a recurring role as Ricky's best friend, Jason Bateman (TV's Arrested Development).

Silver Spoons: The Complete First Season episodes include:

- Pilot

- Falling in Love Again

- Boys Will Be Boys

- The Best Christmas Ever

- Grandfather Stratton

- The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

- Me and Mr. T

- Twelve Angry Kids

- Takin' a Chance on Love

- The Toy Wonder

- Evelyn Returns

- Popcorn

- The Great Computer Caper

- Junior Businessman

- I'm Just Wild About Harry

- Three's a Crowd

- Honour Thy Father

- The Empire Strikes Out

- Father Nature

- Won't You Go Home, Bob Danish

- A Little Magic

- The X-Team

Technical Specs:

- Digitally Remastered Audio and Video

- Aspect Ratio: Full Screen Presentations

- Audio: English

- CC: Yes