Fox is developing a Silver Surfer movie, but are we ever actually going to see it? Fox is quietly developing a ton of X-Men spin-off movies, which comes to the surprise of some. Because of the Disney/Fox deal, which was announced in December, but may not go into effect until next year. It was assumed that Fox is slowing down on developing projects that may not get made under the Disney umbrella. That's not the case, as it's now being reported that Fox has comic book legend Brian K. Vaughn penning the screenplay for a Silver Surfer movie as we speak.

Details are currently scarce, but a new report states that Fox is "secretly" developing several X-Men and Marvel superhero spin-off movies in the background, using the characters they have at their disposal. That includes a Silver Surfer movie from Brian K. Vaughn. At the moment, that's about all we firmly know about the project, but it joins an ever-growing lineup of potential X-Men and Fantastic Four related projects that Fox is working on as they try to expand their superhero movie brand beyond just the core X-Men and Deadpool.

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We recently got word that Deadpool director Tim Miller is working on a secret X-Men project that is suspected to be a Kitty Pryde movie, with comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis responsible for the script. There's also the upcoming Deadpool spin-off X-Force, which is expected to begin shooting later this year, as well as the Doctor Doom movie, which was first announced during last year's San Diego Comic-Con and comes from Fargo and Legion's Noah Hawley. As an unnamed Fox executive put it in this new report, "We are going 100 miles per hour."

All of this could be good and well for fans of stuff that will be radically different from what is going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this report also questions the possibility of these movies actually happening when/if the Disney/Fox deal is approved by regulating bodies. And it's a good question. Is Disney really going to make a Doctor Doom movie? Bob Iger has stated that R-rated Deadpool movies can still happen at Disney, but one has to imagine that's because they're not willing to walk away from a mountain of cash. That doesn't feel like the kind of thing that Disney or anyone involved with the Marvel Studios would have got done.

In any case, this Silver Surfer movie is absolutely, at least for now, being developed. Hopefully it does go through, as Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer truly botched the beloved character, as played by Doug Jones and voiced by Laurence Fishburne. Speaking of that, Fishburne recently hinted at another role with Marvel and, since he played Silver Surfer once before, some dots were speculatively connected on that front. And Terry Crews has expressed interest in the title role. Though, it's hard to imagine that's what Brian K. Vaughn is working on right now. Fox is still making it "business as usual" and appears to be operating as though the Disney deal isn't even a thing. This news comes to us courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.