The Columbian hostage rescue made headlines only a short time ago, yet Screen Gems has already snapped up the rights to bring this exciting true story to the big screen in Operation Checkmate. According to Variety, Simon Brand is in talks to direct the military drama.

The film will be told from the perspctive of the Colombian military rescuers that infilittarted the FARC intelligence network and freed fifteen hostages including Ingrid Betancourt. The last twenty-two minutes of the story will happen in real time, depicting how the rescuers tricked the kidnappers into thinking they were a humanitarian group.

The filmmakers will work in conjuntion with the Colombian government, and they will have full access to all of the video footage involved in the case, most of which has never been made public. Screenwriters are currently being sought for the project, and as such, the film does not have a set start date at this time.