Sky TV recently sat down with actor Simon Pegg, who is the star of, and co-creator of Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy. Of course talk turned to the director's well publicized departure from Ant-Man. While Pegg had nothing to do with the project, he did read the script, a story that has been in development for almost ten years. Addressing his friend's exit from the Phase Three adventure, he claims it is Marvel's loss. He also calls the screenplay daring and funny with a real character arc for its lead, Paul Rudd.

"[The screenplay was] Daring, fun, funny, and hugely exciting; shame we won't see it. I think it's a terrible shame. I get why perhaps it's happened. Maybe they want a particular thing in line with a particular other thing, but if you hire a director who has a particular vision, you've got to expect him or her to make a such and such film. An Edgar Wright film. That's what that script was and it was interesting. The characters had a real journey. I can't really say too much about it because obviously it's not my thing, but it's their loss."
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Edgar Wright bailed on Ant-Man after Marvel forced rewrites that didn't mesh well with the director's original plan for the character. After a long and exhausting search for a new director, Peyton Reed, known for his comedies Bring It On, Yes Man and The Break-Up, stepped up to the plate with Adam McKay, co-creator and director of the Anchorman franchise, agreeing to do a screenplay rewrite.