The Good

This a great show and they need to release all of its seasons on DVD.

The Bad

Crummy extra features.This season of Simon & Simon aired from 1982 to 1983 and it is just as good as a fan can expect it to be. Taking place in San Diego, CA this show, about two very different brothers who run a detective agency, features Rick (Gerald McRaney) and A.J. (Jameson Parker) in the title roles. Rick is a gritty Vietnam veteran while A.J. is a college grad with a level head. This two are always clashing with one another as they go up against con men, crazy women, dolphin killers and all other manner of scum. What makes this show work is the tension between these two characters and how they often come to understand one another across the course of an episode.

Filled with interesting stories, sharp dialogue and very strong characterizations, Simon & Simon: Season Two is a welcome edition to the world of TV on DVD.


Magnum P.I. Crossover Episode

Look as much as I love both Magnum P.I. and Simon & Simon I do not consider this Bonus episode to really be a bonus at all. Lets be realistic, this show followed Magnum so it's sort of like the creators of this DVD really didn't want to work too hard. Where are the featurettes? Where are the commentary tracks? Did they do everything they could with the first season release and then felt the need to be lax now?


Full Screen. At 18 hours or so this show holds up pretty well over all 6 discs. The images were all shot with the usual California soft light so there isn't anything too amazing about this show's look. However, there is a strong vision here from its creators and that maintains itself across all of the 22 one-hour episodes in this set.


The type of audio that is employed on this release has not been made clear on this packaging. However, Shout! Factory always does a solid job with their releases and this one sounded fine. I turned up my television about halfway and everything was more than comprehensible.


The two brothers are shown numerous times on this slipcase cover. There is one main shot of them and underneath that are 4 more images. The back features more pictures (even one of Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I.), a well written description of what this show is about, a Bonus features listing and some minor technical specs. All 6 discs in this set are stored in 3 slim cases, all of which give us episode listings, descriptions and more show artwork.

Final Word

The fact that I love this show made writing this review very easy.

Simon & Simon is held together by the performances of McRaney and Parker. These are two very solid actors who took the medium of TV and elevated it with their performances. Yes, this is one of those 1980s sleuth shows, but there isn't anything about it that tends toward campy or cheese. There is a richness that is evident throughout many of the scenes and the fact that this show explores the rival brother dynamic makes it all the more watchable.

Simon & Simon was released .