The Expendables 2 director Simon West has signed on to direct the Heat remake for Sierra/Affinity. Brian De Palma was originally attached to direct before bowing out.

We first reported on the project back in February, when Jason Statham signed on to star. The original Heat, released in 1987, starred Burt Reynolds as an enforcer who takes on protection jobs to support his burgeoning gambling addiction. The plot thickens when his friend is badly beaten by the mob, and he vows to take on the mafia organization.

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William Goldman, who wrote the novel and the screenplay adaptation for the original thriller, is on board to pen the remake. Jason Statham is also attached as a producer, alongside Steve Chasman.

Production is slated to begin in February. The project will reunite Simon West with Jason Statham, who both worked together on The Expendables 2 and The Mechanic.