The Good

I guess these girls are sort of charming.

The Bad

These two girls and this show represent everything that is wrong with America.

The Simple Life 3: The Interns sees Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie going around the country, living with various families and holding jobs. As these girls are so loaded with money that they never need to do an honest day's work in their lives, there is a certain charm in seeing them "stick it" to the bureaucracy of management in the various places they "work." However, this is where that charm ends.

The fact that The Simple Life 3: The Interns is one of the biggest shows on TV, when all it essentially is are these two awful girls making fun of people, is a pretty sad state of affairs about some of America's entertainment values.


No extras came with this two disc set.


Full Frame - Aspect Ratio 1.33:1. As this is a piece of Reality TV, I do admire the way that it's edited. There is something about these "unscripted shows" that really makes them easy to watch. I suppose they are cut for exactly that effect and I further think it's proven by the fact that as much as I slag this DVD in this review, I did watch it and sadly I was entertained.


Dolby Digital. English - Dolby Surround. Subtitled in English and Spanish. Close Captioned. I didn't notice any audio dropouts or other such problems with this show. In fact, I always wonder how they have people "micced" so well especially when the people on the screen whisper back and forth to one another so others in the room can't hear what they are saying. Overall, the audio on these discs seemed top notch.


Decked out in mini skirts and showing cleavage on this front cover, Paris and Nicole appear to have no shame when it comes to how they present themselves. I think the goal is to present them as almost uber assistants/vixens. The back features some shots of the girls holding various jobs, a small, succinct description of this show and some technical specs. The two discs are snugly housed inside a double-tray, amaray case.

Final Word

I really find it hard to believe that these two girls actually travelled the country on a bus. They are so shielded by money and the privilege they have been afforded, why would anybody want to see them on a show that essentially flaunts that? I guess I am just as bad because I requested The Simple Life 3: The Interns to review, but maybe I need to go somewhere and get myself checked out?

The Simple Life was released .