The Good

Ultimately, this DVD is a guilty pleasure that is easy to enjoy.

The Bad

With the world at war does this show really need to exist?

When Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie had their "famous" rift the world stood with baited breath wondering if there would be another season of their show. Well, TV has never been known to let friendship get in the way of a contractual obligation, thus we have The Simple Life 4. Since these two girls are no longer best friends forever, we see them separately placed with the same families trying to be housewives. As neither of these girls seem like that is something they would ever want to be, the humor lies in seeing them try and cook meals, take care of children, do laundry, entertain kids and pretty much everything else that parents do.

As you can guess these girls are terrible at this but that is where the humor lies. In every home they go into, whether there are one or more children, Paris and Nicole seem over it before the cameras start to roll. So they do other things to occupy themselves like giving the kids tattoos, going out for drinks, and just generally misbehaving whenever and wherever they want.


No Extra Features came with this DVD.


Full Frame - 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio. Presented in strikingly clear video, The Simple Life 4 is cut together so that we as viewers never have a lot of time to think about what is happening. There are a lot of "I can't believe that just happened moments," but rest assured, once you rewind the DVD you will see that they did. One of the things I wondered as I watched this was why in the world would "regular" people allow themselves to be videotaped in this way?


Dolby Digital. English Dolby Surround. Subtitled in English and Spanish. Close Captioned. The audio on this show probably accounts for 50% of the laughs. I feel this way because once something happens that mentions sex or anything else off color, a sound clip will pop up to highlight whatever has just been done or said. I think the audio accompaniments most likely account for what makes this show bearable, because without them it wouldn't really be a laughing matter.


Paris and Nicole are featured on this front cover with a burning pie and burnt cookies. Behind them is a blue and pink colored kitchen that seems to recall something out of the 1950s. The back features the girls doing some laundry (or at least trying to), with the same pink and blue background behind them. There is a simple description of this show as well as some system specs rounding out the rest of the items on this back cover.

Final Word

I don't know what it is about this show but I couldn't stop watching it. I think it has something to do with seeing the chutzpah that these girls have, mixed in with the quick editing, that everything real about the show becomes unreal. It is amazing that people can act this way, it is even more amazing that people allow them to act this way, and it's almost stupefying that these girls would be paid a lot of money to act this way.

What does that say about me you might ask? The person who has reviewed this and other seasons of this show? I have no idea but The Simple Life 4 has got to be seen in order to be believed.

The Simple Life was released .