After more than 20 years of gunning for young Bart Simpson, the nefarious Sideshow Bob will actually get to kill Bart Simpson this fall in the new season of The Simpsons. Don't worry, Bart won't be dead for long, since this death will happen during the show's traditional Halloween episode Treehouse of Horror 26, which often kills characters and brings them back to life the next week. Showrunner Al Jean revealed the news during the show's panel at the ATX Festival in Austin, Texas over the weekend, revealing that Bob (voiced by Kelsey Grammer), won't know what to do with himself after finally achieving his longtime goal. Here's what Al Jean had to say about Bart's demise.

"He's in the Halloween show. It's a segment where, if you put two and two together, you're going to see Sideshow Bob do something he's wanted to do for a long time. I'm one of the people who always wanted the coyote to eat the Road Runner, so you can see where this is going. It's really funny. I hated frustration comedy so we'll scratch that itch in the Halloween show, which is really funny."
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Sideshow Bob was first introduced on the show in 1990, as a sidekick to Krusty the Klown's TV show. In his first few appearances, Bob's nefarious plans were foiled by Bart, resulting in him going to prison, but his quest to kill young Bart didn't begin until the 1993 episode "Cape Feare", after Bob was released from prison for the third time. Every time Sideshow Bob would re-emerge in Springfield and try to kill Bart, his plans would be foiled at the last minute.

In related news, The Simpsons producers also revealed that beloved The Simpsons Movie character Spider-Pig will be brought back for The Simpsons Season 27, although it isn't clear when he may show up. The show's producers also added they are trying to work out a deal to bring back longtime voice actor Harry Shearer, who recently announced he was leaving the show, but nothing is set in stone yet. What do you think about Sideshow Bob killing Bart, and Spider-Pig coming back?