The Simpsons have come to terms with actor Harry Shearer, who voices iconic characters such as Ned Flanders and Montgomery Burns, to return for Season 27 and Season 28, two months after we reported that he left the long-running series. Entertainment Weekly confirms that he signed the same deal as the other main cast members, Dan Castellaneta, Yeardley Smith, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, and Hank Azaria, to keep the show's original voice cast intact. The deals are reportedly for $300,000 per episode, which span four years and include options on Season 29 and Season 30, which haven't been officially ordered yet.

Fox renewed The Simpsons for Season 27 and Season 28 in early May, but just a few weeks later, Harry Shearer revealed he was leaving the show, because he "wanted the freedom to do other work." A few weeks later, the actor revealed on his Twitter page that "discussions are happening at a level where decisions can be made." Production on Season 27 started without Harry Shearer, who also voices Smithers, Seymour Skinner, Lenny, Dr. Hibbert, Kent Brockman, Reverend Lovejoy and Otto, so they could stay on schedule, but the animated show already had seven episodes in the can that were left over from last season and include his voices.

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We'll learn much more about Season 27 at Comic-Con this week, but we already know that the nefarious Sideshow Bob will finally get to kill Bart Simpson in the show's annual Treehouse of Horror episode. The season premiere will also feature Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson getting briefly "separated," although the animated series confirmed last month that the longtime couple will not be getting a divorce. Are you glad that Harry Shearer will be back when The Simpsons returns on September 27? Let us know what you think below.