Following the four clips released earlier this week for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Dimension Films has released a red band TV spot that features brief glimpses of nudity, while showcasing Dwight (Josh Brolin) and his journey for revenge.

After committing a murder for Ava Lord (Eva Green), the "dame to kill for," Dwight is double-crossed by this treacherous woman, sending him on a rampage throughout Basin City. Take a look at this TV spot that was banned from television before this stylized action sequel from directors Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez hits theaters August 22.

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Co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller reunite to bring Miller's visually stunning "Sin City" graphic novels back to the screen in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Weaving together two of Miller's classic stories with new tales, the town's most hard boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more reviled inhabitants. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is the follow up to Rodriguez and Miller's 2005 groundbreaking film, Frank Miller's Sin City.