Sin City:ET Online have posted some behind-the-scenes photos of some recent green screen shooting going on in the production of Frank Miller's Sin City, directed by Robert Rodriguez.

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Based on the cult series of graphic novels created, written and illustrated by FRANK MILLER, the film contains three stories that take place in the titular, fictional city, translated from Miller's Sin City, The Big Fat Kill and That Yellow Bastard. Some of Hollywood biggest stars have clamored to be a part of this project, with JOSH HARTNETT, BRITTANY MURPHY and ELIJAH WOOD nabbing other key roles.

Bruce and Jessica star in the translation of That Yellow Bastard, which follows the story of a cop on the verge of retirement who takes on one final case to save a young girl who has been kidnapped by a lunatic.

A giant in the comic book/graphic novel world, Frank Miller is credited with single-handedly reinventing the superhero genre with Batman: The Dark Night Returns and his subsequent takes on Daredevil and other well-known superheroes. He created the Elektra character, which, embodied by JENNIFER GARNER on the big screen, gave BEN AFFLECK a run for his money and is now getting her own spin-off flick.

'Frank Miller's Sin City' is directed by ROBERT RODRIGUEZ, the man who brought audiences the 'El Mariachi' (including 'Desperado' and 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' with ANTONIO BANDERAS) and the 'Spy Kids' trilogies. Currently in production in Austin, TX, the film is being shot entirely with green screens (a process requiring no sets, only actors on a stage with props). Rodriguez also wanted to involve Miller with every aspect of the production, including sharing the directing.

"This is the first time a graphic novel will be treated with absolute respect in how it is brought to life," says Rodriguez, who pitched the idea to Miller of "translating" rather than adapting his story to the big screen. "If you look at [Miller's] books, you see that in a way they are already the best written, shot and directed 'movies' never seen in a theater."

Other chapters of 'Frank Miller's Sin City,' hitting theaters next year, feature KATE BOSWORTH, MICKEY ROURKE, NICK STAHL, CARLA GUGINO and more.