RareBird Games has released the announcement trailer for Sinfeld Remastered, the bizarre action-horror video game inspired by the hit comedy series Seinfeld. While the highly-unusual and incredibly-dark game does not share the same comedic tone of Seinfeld whatsoever, fans of the classic sitcom will notice various references to the series. In development as a PlayStation 5 game, you can watch the new trailer for Sinfeld Remastered below.

The logline for the video game reads: "Sinfeld Remastered is an action horror comedy parody featuring various gameplay styles inspired by Resident Evil, Silent Hills and PT. DONATHAN IS BACK in an all-new adventure! Join Donathan as he survives the streets after his newly adoptive father abandons him at about 3am in the Big Apple. He finds himself trapped in an endless loop of nightmares as he fights to find a bed to sleep in."

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Sinfeld Remastered started as a fan project on the PlayStation's game creation platform called Dreams, and it's now in development as a standalone PS5 game. The original version on Dreams game players the ability to explore environments reimagined from Seinfeld, such as Jerry and Kramer's apartments. The parody title will also feature references to video games like Metal Gear Solid, Spider-Man, and Resident Evil.

"Some of you have been asking, 'What's the deal with this Seinfeld-horror game?'" reads a tweet posted by the developers along with the trailer. "This is not a drill. We are in full on production. We're just a rag-tag group of indie developers and would love it if you could help us overachieve the dream."

"People always ask us, 'how did you come up with this?'" said Austin Stock, the game's director and animator who voices Donathan, in an interview with Esquire. "We watched Seinfeld pretty much all the time. Since we're Canadian, we'd have to drive up in an RV to Edmonton, and we would collect box sets of the DVDs, and we would watch the same episode over and over again."

For all intents and purposes, the game is basically something like Silent Hill set in the Seinfeld universe. Concerning the feel of the game, Austin added: "We're huge fans of Hideo Kojima. When [Kojima] made P.T., my first thought was, 'Oh, this would be perfect for Seinfeld. There's an apartment, there's a hallway, it's an entire playground."

One of the bizarre discoveries to be found is a haunted doll with a knife in Kramer's apartment, a references to the ventriloquist dummy that Kramer owned named Mr. Marbles. Fans of Seinfeld will also be able to instantly recognize when they're inside Jerry's apartment, which has been faithfully recreated from the original source material. The music that can also be heard playing during the game sounds like a creepy remix of the Seinfeld TV show theme.

RareBird Games is raising the funds to develop the game on Patreon. Those who contribute will be given access to the game's development behind the scenes. As of now, there's no release date set for Sinfeld Remastered. The announcement trailer comes to us from RareBird Games.