The Singing Detective: Reuters reports that Robert Downey Jr., fresh from his latest rehab, is set to star in The Singing Detective. Originally a 6-part BBC Television series, the story centers on a fiction writer that is in a terrible accident and is bedridden. While in the hospital, his feverish brain re-writes his first novel with himself in the lead. Hopefully all six parts will translate well into a 2 hour movie, as the original series was excellent.

Disney Stuff: According to a report about the Disney stockholder's meeting on Ain't It Cool News, Disney is set to continue making CGI films without Pixar. Their first looks to be Chicken Little, of which just a title card was shown. Next they showed a short bit using a new CGI Mickey Mouse, which will apparently be used in a new attraction in Walt Disney World next year, followed by a CGI Mickey Movie. But not everything is CGI, as Disney then showed a few minutes of Treasure Planet, which showed the Hispanola launching from dock. I'm dying to see Treasure Planet. The footage looks great, so actually seeing it move or seeing the script would probably send me into seizures. But that's a good thing. Movie Picture to read the whole article.

Kevin Smith Stuff: I hate my friends. They were able to go to the Megacon in Orlando this past weekend, but I couldn't go. But those rat bastards got news for me, and now I pass it to you! At the Kevin Smith panel, he confirmed the script for his latest movie Jersey Girl is finished, and that'd he'll most likely cast an unknown in the title role. He also said Fletch Won will most likely be his next movie after Jersey Girl, and that he's finally started working on a script for a Clerks Animated Movie. Whoo hoo! Damn ABC for taking it off the air!

Until next time...~Brian