Buzzard Hollow Beef fans, it's time to get excited, as the husband and wife team behind that fan-favorite cannibal classic is back with their unique take on the haunted house genre. Welcome to Single Family Home, which has launched an Indiegogo campaign along with a special sneak peek at the horrors awaiting those who dare enter.

Single Family Home explores the darker sides of the human psyche in what is being described as a different kind of ghost story. The team behind the movie invite horror fans to be a part of the production process as they set out to create a very terrifying experience. Here's the official synopsis.

Nicholas and Li unpack their new house in order for the arrival of their long awaited adoptive child. They move in a few days before the close of escrow because they only have the weekend to get ready. As they unpack they hear strange sounds and feel they are being watched. It's not spirits haunting Nicholas and Li. It's Ruth, the previous owner, who claims she cannot leave because of her "condition". They soon find that Ruth never intended to move out and no amount of bribery or threats will convince her to go. With time running out, Nicholas and Li are forced to choose between the child they've always wanted and their humanity. Pushed to the edge, they contemplate the unthinkable.

The makers of Single Family Home are currently at 68% of their flexible goal of $30,000. They have currently secured $20,299, raised by 105 backers. But if you want to help, they have plenty of incentives left with just 4 days left in the campiagn. For just $25 you can get a special thanks credit, and the perks just get cooler from there.

Single Family Home is an independent production lead by five women in the top creative roles: Director, Writer, Producers and Director of Photography.  Why is this important? Higher numbers of women both in front of and behind the camera means the creation of more stories, more opportunities and it paves the way to champion so many more voices. Bel Delia is co-directing the movie alongside Buzzard Hollow Beef director Joshua M. Johnson, with a screenplay from Buzzard Hollow Beef writer and producer Tara C. Hall.

This team has the collective stamina and production experience to see this film to fruition. They have the crew, resources and location (a beautiful old craftsman home!) in place and ready to go.  They are inviting you to be a part of the team as they open up their production journey with much transparency. They hope to continue the cycle, to pay it forward and inspire others to tell their stories. You can check out a special video preview here, which offers even more details about Single Family Home, which is sure to be one of the more unique and terrifying horror movies coming our way in the very near future. You can read more about the movie, its dedicated team and contribute if you feel so inclined at IndieGoGo.

Single Family Home poster