The Sith Trooper is officially in the building. When Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters this Christmas, fans will be treated to an all-new iteration of the classic Stormtrooper. This never-before-seen warrior is called a Sith Trooper, and there is already plenty of merchandise heading our way based on its likeness. While we saw some of those toys in a previous post, the official armor straight from the set was unveiled this evening at Comic-Con.

The Sith Trooper's role in The Rise of Skywalker hasn't been explained at this time, but we can assume that they have some connection to Emperor Palpatine, who will be returning in some way, shape or form. This particular armor is bright, bloody red. And it stands out from a mile away, as now displayed on the San Diego Comic-Con convention area floor.

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Lucasfilm has set up a spectacular Stormtrooper display in the middle of all the madness, which kicked off during preview night just a few hours ago. This exhibit includes the official introduction of the Sith Trooper. This is a new class of First Order soldiers who will make their presence quite known to Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewbacca and C-3PO as they set out to rebuild the Resistance.

The armor itself blends various different elements from previous Troopers seen over the course of this nine movie saga, and even incorporates a few Easter eggs from the handful of spin-offs and cartoon series. There are callbacks to the past, while pushing everything to the future. Director J.J. Abrams is extremely excited about the Sith Trooper. And he can't wait for true fans to see them in action.

"The materials, the color, the lines, there was something about the aesthetic of it that just felt absolutely right. I cannot wait for people to see the work that everyone's done."

If you are attending Comic-Con, you can hear more from J.J. Abrams on the Sith Trooper, as a mini-documentary about the imposing solider is playing in a loop on the convention floor alongside the armor display. In it, fans get a tantalizing peek at the making of the crimson armor, which will surely make for one heck of an action figure, of which you can already buy on site in San Diego.

If you are checking out the Sith Trooper, you'll also be able to catch a glimpse of the Imperial stormtrooper, TIE pilot, death trooper, shoretrooper, biker scout, First Order stormtrooper, First Order TIE pilot, and Captain Phasma. Just head to the Lucasfilm pavilion (booth #2913) at SDCC. But walk, don't run, as the SDCC Troopers might get you. This news was announced at

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