It looks like the wait to see Mark Wahlberg in The Six Billion Dollar Man just got a lot longer. Warner Bros. has announced that they have pulled the movie from their release schedule, leaving an opening for Wonder Woman 1984 to take the June 5th, 2020 release date. The studio purchased the rights for The Six Billion Dollar man project from the Weinstein Company and has yet to announce a director for the project, after teasing that the script had been chosen and then announcing the release date.

The Six Billion Dollar Man was originally going to be released in December of 2017, but that didn't end up happening, since it was taken off of the release schedule earlier in June 2016. Warner Bros. took over the project and set a release date of May 31st, 2019, only to have that release date pushed back to June 5th, 2020. Now, the movie has completely been pulled from the Warner Bros. release schedule, leading to fears that the film has finally died after what seems like a long illness.

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The Six Billion Dollar Man is based off of The Six Million Dollar Man classic television series from the 1970s. The film could still star Mark Wahlberg as Colonel Steve Austin, a test pilot who had bionic limbs and high-tech implants after a car crash that nearly killed him. Austin was also a NASA Astronaut in the original show. Back in 2017, Wahlberg seemed confident that the project was moving along. He had this to say.

"We finally got the script for The Six Billion Dollar Man. Now that's not your typical superhero because I will not put on a cape nor a spandex outfit, but the script is amazing. We've been developing it for quite some time and finally got it to where we want to go shoot the movie, so hopefully we will shoot in the fall."

The only things that had been officially confirmed about The Six Billion Dollar Man film were the title and that Mark Wahlberg was going to star. Further cast members were never announced, nor was a director. At one time, it was believed that the film was written by Damian Szifron, but that has yet to be confirmed at this time. For now, it looks like the project is no longer a priority for Warner Bros.

This isn't the first time that The Six Million Dollar Man was heading for the big screen, only to be doomed in the end. Kevin Smith wanted to make an adaptation in 1995, but that didn't work out. The show was looked at again in 2004 with Jim Carrey attached to star, and then another version by Richard Anderson was looked at as well. It just doesn't look like The Six Billion Dollar man was meant to be. However, that could all change in the near future. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce The Six Billion Dollar Man news.