OK101 Ltd, Fantawild Film Industry Investment Inc., Asia Entertainment Media Ltd., National Film Capital and Hyde Park International have greenlit director Kirk Wong's martial arts action thriller Six, which was written by Feng Li (Hero), Erik Martinez and Doug Brode. OK101, Fantawild, Asia Entertainment Media and National Film Capital are co-producing while Ashok Amritraj's Hyde Park International (HPI) will executive produce and handle worldwide sales, excluding Greater China.

Six is a martial arts action thriller enveloped in Manga trappings. A mad scientist has successfully created five hybrids by fusing human and animal genes together, granting them animal-like capabilities that allow them to fight fiercely. The five must join together when another of their kind known only as Six intends to hunt them down and harness their powers. A lethal game of hide-and-seek soon begins, driven by the emotional journey between these compelling characters that are also romantically entangled. At the final showdown, the secret of Six is revealed.

The film commences principal photography on location in China and Louisiana in November 2012. The cast will include Hollywood and Asian stars.

Hailing from Hong Kong, Wong is a veteran of Asian cinema who has been directing films for over thirty years. Some of his credits include Crime Story with Jackie Chan, The Gunmen, and The Big Hit starring Mark Wahlberg.

"I am excited to work with such a talented filmmaker as Kirk in bringing Asian mysticism to Western commercial cinema," said Ashok Amritraj, Chairman of Hyde Park Entertainment Group. "We look forward to making Six a global success."