King Kong:Kong is King reports that the initial shoots of the 'Skull Island' scenes have begun shooting in New Zealand. Here the scoop from one who is on location...

"Shooting began on the outdoor set of Skull Island this morning, after a small fleet of caravans arrived on location last evening (I expect for the cast members to use). Today I watched Peter Jackson direct a scene where Carl Denham (Jack Black) creeps up and begins filming on the island (presumably when he starts filming the ceremony being conducted by the natives in the village). The photos today (Wed 20 in NZ) show the extra booms, cameras and screens on set, and you can also see Peter talking to Jack during a break in filming. Soon after this I also spied Richard Taylor (from Weta Workshop) stroll onto the set. The last image is a better shot of the statue from yesterday's photos. Interestingly, during filming of this scene, traffic was still using the neighboring road - the sound wizards can obviously strip this background noise out easily enough."
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