We have a brand new trailer for Sky Sharks. This genre flick has been a long time coming. Case in point, we've had well over a dozen posters for it over the years, as well as a different trailer that debuted back in 2016. But now, at long last, the insanity is coming as the movie has set its premiere at this year's FrightFest, which is holding a virtual edition for 2020. As we can see in this new trailer, the movie has a whole lot to offer, including deadly mechanical sharks, Nazis, zombies and so much more.

The new Sky Sharks trailer opens with a cascade of big, sweeping CGI shots. We quickly get a look at the mechanical sharks at the center of the action, which are indeed capable of flying. They are described as "perfect weapon systems." It quickly turns into a massive spectacle, with so much happening all at once that it is hard to process the insanity. One takeaway from the footage is that they seem to be taking the whole thing very seriously, when compared to other B-movies with similarly insane premises. There is little or no tongue-in-cheek. Whether or not that is for the better is up for the individual viewer to decide.

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Sky Sharks centers on a team of Arctic geologists who stumble upon an abandoned laboratory that the Nazis used to develop a secret weapon during the final months of World War II. Deep in the ice, they accidentally awaken an army of deadly flying zombie sharks, who are ridden by genetically mutated, undead superhumans. These creations take to the skies, seeking bloodthirsty revenge on any aircraft that they come across. An elite task force is assembled to take on this new threat and stop them from conquering the air. But with the clock ticking away, the task force discovers they will have to fight fire with fire. The stage is then set for the greatest flying super-mutant zombie shark air battle the world has ever seen.

As part of the FrightFest lineup, Sky Sharks will open this year's event. It is directed by Mark Fehse. This will serve as the movie's official U.K. premiere. FrightFest co-director Alan Jones had this to say about doing the event virtually this year.

"We will desperately miss seeing all of you in person this August Bank Holiday but are looking forward to our virtual connection where we can say hello to the best family in the world, the FrightFest community. And if you've never experienced a FrightFest before, and have always yearned to join in with the fear, fun and fabulousness now is your chance to find out what you've been missing for 21 years."

The cast includes Tony Todd, Lyn Lowry, Mick Garris and Barbara Nedeljakova. There is no word yet on a possible release date. But the upcoming debut could lead to an acquisition, or announcement of a release strategy. FrightFest is set to take place August 27 through 31. Be sure to check out the new Sky Sharks trailer from the Raven Banner YouTube channel.