Universal Pictures has provided us with a slew of new images from Skyline, which will invade theaters nationwide on November 12. Click on these pictures below to access our growing photo gallery for this sci-fi thriller from directors Colin Strause and Greg Strause:

Eric Balfour in Skyline
Donald Faison in Skyline
David Zayas in action on the Skyline set
Brittany Daniel on the set of Skyline
Donald Faison and Eric Balfour{23} We were sitting around the lunch table and I pitched Colin and Liam O'Donnell and Joshua Cordes, the co-writers, an idea they all rejected quickly, but the essence was we'd shoot something at my house for 50 grand and this is what it morphed into. Then, from there, we came up with the concept and we shot this teaser test, to make sure we could shoot it in our unit, with the lighting. Part of it was, 'Could we actually pull it off?' Liam had actually lived in the building for a couple of years as well, so we knew every inch of the building very intimately. When we were actually writing the script... normally you write a script and you find locations that would work for it. This was the case where literally every scene was written for exact places in the building. We know that this one doorway takes you to the surface to the swimming pool and there's only one way out of the pool... We were literally able to map the movie out like that. We started casting in early December and we started shooting the movie with nothing, at that point. We were self-financing everything, we had no idea about distribution or anything. We just started shooting through it and then, at the Berlin Film Festival, the script combined with that teaser we shot on Thanksgiving Day, got us some good pre-sales from Berlin. We showed our buddy Brett a little bit of the movie and that brought us Relativity and that brought us Universal. The whole thing exploded from there.
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