Sure, news that Slash and W. Axl Rose have mended broken fences to become friends once again, with the possibility of a true blue Guns N' Roses reunion tour on the horizon is huge! But maybe not as huge as an 80s slasher style horror movie coming from Slash himself! THR reveal that the guitarist is teaming up with Revolver Picture Company, and will produce the Untitled thriller, hoping to bring something new and completely unique to the horror genre.

Absolutely no plot details are being revealed to the public just yet, and it isn't known if the slasher movie will contain a musical element. Boogeyman 2 and Boogeyman 3 writer Brian Sieve was hired to pound out the screenplay, and has reportedly already turned in a draft. Revolver Picture Company is the company behind such cult hits as 2014's Haunt and Beneath. The hope is to turn Slash's Untitled 80s Slasher Movie into a strong and popular horror franchise that will see a number of movies into theaters over the course of the next few years.

Slash's Slasher Movie is being compared to the 1978 classic Halloween and the Friday the 13th series. Revolver's Kelly Wagner and Nick Phillips are the ones who brought Slash in and got him involved as a producer. The film idea was already in place before he signed on. About the deal, Nick Phillips explains.

"We knew he was into horror movies so we had big long dinner,. He gets it, from the old Universal classics to the 70s, and yes, excitedly for us, the 80s."

Slash is no stranger to producing /best-nude-horror-movie-kills/horror movies. He was one of the driving forces behind 2013's Nothing Left to Fear. He is also lending his name to the upcoming genre effort The Hell Within, which comes from screenwriter Jeff Buhler and is being directed by Dennison Ramalho. About working on the Untitled 80s Slasher Movie, Slash had this to say.

"They had an idea that tied in perfectly with a theme that I was working on at the time. From there, together with Brian Sieve, I think we developed something awesome."

While the Revolver Picture Company has been successful with their low budget indie projects, which includes the web series Fight the Living Dead and the upcoming, long-awaited psychological thriller Pet, Slash's Untitled 80s Slasher Movie is being seen as something a little different and a whole lot more ambitious. It will have a wider scope and a bigger budget. And if everything works out according to plan, we'll be seeing a bunch of them. What do you think? Are you excited for Slash's Untitled 80s Slasher Movie? We certainly are!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange