The slasher team-up of everyone's dreams (or nightmares maybe) has come just in time for Halloween, but it's probably not in the way anyone imagined it would be. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Ghostface, Michael Myers, and Leatherface have all joined forces to parody, of all things, the Backstreet Boys, uniting as the Slashstreet Boys in a new video for their song I'll Kill You That Way. For once, these killers have lots of people screaming for reasons related to delight, as opposed to pure terror, as we see in this perfectly timed music video.

Taco Truck TV and The Merkins partnered together to bring this new Slashstreet Boys video to us. As promised, it features the five horror icons singing and dancing their way through a video parodying the Backstreet Boys huge hit, I Want it That Way. Aside from being a fun little treat for horror fans, it's also surprisingly well produced. Who knew these guys could murder and sing equally well?

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There is just so much to love here. Watching Freddy playing the guitar, even with his signature knifed up glove hand, is equally impressive and hilarious. Not to mention that he's doing it at Jason's stomping grounds, Camp Crystal Lake. And that's just the first few seconds of the video. They've also delightfully changed around some of the classic lyrics from the very popular late 90s/early 2000s boy band to "When you die, ain't nothing but a dream state. When you die, ain't nothing like Camp Crystal Lake." Not to mention seeing all of these slashers dressed up in pristine white suits dancing together on a beach.

Unsurprisingly, the makers of the video decided to release it on the same day that the new Halloween arrived in theaters, which absolutely killed it at the box office over the weekend, nearly breaking the all-time October opening weekend record. So not only are people looking for anything horror related as the annual holiday approaches, but they had the benefit of Michael Myers' long-awaited return to the big screen on their side as well. Now, if we could just get good reboots of A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th going as well, we'd be in great shape. No disrespect to Ghostface, but do we really need another Scream?

The other good news here is that this actually isn't the first release by the Slashstreet Boys. Last Halloween season, they released a parody titled Slashing Bodies, which took a very different approach to the boy band's hit Everybody (Backstreet's Back). With any luck, this new video will do well enough and encourage them to put out a whole album in time for next year. Fingers crossed. For now, be sure to check out I'll Kill You That Way and Slashing Bodies from The Merkins YouTube channel for yourself below.