This month, British cinema audiences will have the privilege of seeing the iconic filmmaking duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite once again. Known for their work on Shaun of the Dead among other films, Slaughterhouse Rulez will be bringing the two back into the genre where they caught their break. Just weeks away from its big screen debut, Sony UK has released an all new video promo, giving fans a good peek at two of the film's lead actors. You can take a look at it below.

As the title of the film suggests, the story takes place in a boarding school which is seriously known as Slaughterhouse School. The building will earn its name soon enough, after major problems arise when a nearby fracking site accidentally opens up a sinkhole in the ground. Bloodthirsty creature emerge from the pit, descending upon Slaughterhouse School and attacking everyone inside. The eccentric faculty members and the students of the school must work together to survive the assault, but knowing Pegg and Frost, the film is going to be just as funny as it is bloody.

The new promo reveals more of Pegg's character in the film, Meredith Houseman. As a member of the staff, Houseman can be seen teaching in a classroom, before things soon go haywire. Apparently, he's substituting for a teacher who had recently died in the school, though Houseman is quick to move on without explaining any more. We're given a few other peeks at the character, which show that Houseman, an alcoholic, isn't exactly the brightest person. While it's only a few seconds long, these brief moments of Pegg are enough to show fans he'll be great in this film as well.

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Also shown in the clip is the headmaster of Slaughterhouse, referred to everyone as "The Bat." Played by Michael Sheen, we can see that the character is a bit more serious than Houseman, but only slightly. He doesn't show the same fear towards the monsters that the others do, as revealed by a scene with The Bat at the wheel of the car with frightened students inside. With a creature closing in, the pupils urge him to drive, yet he still insists on waiting for everyone to put on their seatbelts.

Slaughterhouse Rulez is directed by Crispian Mills, using a script co-written by Mills and Henry Fitzherbert. Although Simon Pegg and Nick Frost did not write this film, it's the first movie to be made under their production company, Stolen Picture. Frost's character Woody, who isn't shown in the video, is in charge of the fracking operation which unleashes the hellish creatures. Audiences in the UK will be able to see it all unfold when the film hits cinemas on October 31, with an official release date for the US yet to be determined. Hopefully, this will be just the first of many of its type, as unique horror-comedies seem like a perfect fit for Stolen Picture.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick