Back in 1983, kids didn't think twice about Princess Leia being forced to wear a bikini as she was chained to the giant slug Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. for years, the Slave Leia costume was quite popular at Halloween time and at various Comic Cons. Then it became controversial for a number of reasons. Now, former The Wonder Years star Danica McKellar wants to take it back. Though Disney has banned it from their merchandise, small screen star turned children's author McKeller is dressing as Slave Leia for Halloween. And she calls the move 'empowering'.

No one is real complaining about Danica dressing up in the costume. For years, women have been dressing as Slave Leia, the name of which has been changed for being insensitive. Some parents began to complain about the image of Carrie Fisher in a bikini, and soon, the iconic character motif was being scrubbed from the public consciousness. Now, Danica says this about her costume choice.

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"Hi there, Halloween!! Ah, the "Slave Leia" outfit... representing the ultimate empowering victory of this strong (and sexy!) heroine who bests her bully and triumphs against all odds. Proud to celebrate her!! @starwars #slaveleia #princessleia."

You can check out her images in the Tweet below and decide for yourself if this is an appropriate Halloween costume. Carrie Fisher hated wearing it on set, but later also called the costume empowering. The image is certainly iconic, and it's doubtful that, even with Disney owning the rights to the movie franchise, that it will ever go away. And clearly, no man has forced Danica into this chained bikini attire, she's doing this on her own free will, so who are we to judge?

While shooting Return of the Jedi back in 1982, Fisher admitted that the costume made her 'very nervous', and said that she 'hated' wearing it on set. There used to be action figures, statues, posters and T-shirts adorned with the image, but Disney made sure that all went away. Back in 2016, the late Carrie Fisher had this to say about her time spent in the Slave Leia bikini.

"It wasn't my choice ... I hated wearing that outfit."

No one has been really outraged at Danica McKellar for wearing the bikini for Halloween, which is a change of pace from the usual age of outrage that we currently live in. Most of the male commenters on social media played nice but were still a little objectifying about the whole thing, calling it 'a treat' instead of a trick, and that this was Kevin Arnold's dream come true, though Arnold on The Wonder Years, grew up in the 60s, and wouldn't have seen Return of the Jedi well into his adult years. You can check out Danica in her Slave Leia outfit below. Though, the actress, who has just released her new kids book Bathtime Mathtime and the math book Do Not Open This Math Book, claims to feel empowered by wearing the two piece. Who are you to argue with her? You can see more on Danica McKellar's official Twitter.

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B. Alan Orange